Structural Insulated Building Units

Structural insulated construction units can be assembled easily and quickly as they include all the entrances and exits tracks by a set of ready-to-connect interfaces
Surface finishes can be stone, marble, ceramic, wood, or anything the customer requests.

They can be assembled easily and quickly with a self-aligning alignment system that is secured by adhesive

Includes all tracks, facilities and predefined exits and ready for quick connection (water, sewage, electricity)

The buildings have the option of being self-sustainable; they can be built with integrated facilities and contained within each building unit

Faster construction: the typical time to build a house with an area of ​​85 square meters at an affordable price is 3 – 4 months.
Can be assembled in one day.
The assembly is easily done with a few skilled workers and with a few tools on site. The typical construction speed is 11-22 square meters per man per day.
Self-sustainability (optional): Homes can be built with water, sewage and integrated electrical utilities contained in one building.

Durability: The unit provides high model strength with high rupture and insulation coefficient, high seismic resistance and low weight.
It is also against insects, rot, fire, moisture and scratch resistant.
Surface resistance is warranted architectural for more than 50 years.
High quality: The interior and exterior surface finishes are beautiful and before finishing. Painted, painted, stained, cut, trimmed, taut or bonded using standard equipment.