Omnis Doors and Fire Doors

Innovative materials technology Omnis for extruded cement compounds combines materials with experience in processing to produce a revolutionary new building material. Doors and fire doors are made of abundance, usually available, components.

Omnis’ technological advantage creates a door system with a unique and novel composition of high quality at a competitive cost, while being manufactured using limited rare wood.

Omnis doors and fire doors are environmentally friendly, cost effective and performance for wood, fireplace, plastic, steel and synthetic polymer.

Omnis Door and Fire Door Configuration

The Omnis Door and Fire Door unique frame design is extruded with no seams for a continuous rail, stile and lock block.

These assemblies are very efficient to manufacture, strong and completely block fire penetration.

Why Omnis Doors and Fire Doors?

  • Omnis Doors and Fire Doors are offered in a large variety of print, finishing or lamination.
  • Fire rating up to 120 minutes
  • Light weight
  • Easy to install and safe to operate