Omnis Cladding Floor and Tiles

Omnis Cladding and Tiles is an innovator of high performance fiber-reinforced concrete which can take on the properties and appearance of any Stone, Metal or Wood.

Why Omnis Cladding and Tiles?

  • Better economics
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Higher versatility

Example Applications

Material Properties

  • High stiffness or “Young’s Modulus of Elasticity”
  • Peak tensile strength is 10 times greater than standard concrete
  • Failure mechanism demonstrates “strain hardening”; it gets stronger with use
Material PropertyAccepted Criteria Applicable StandardTest Specification
Accelerated WeatheringES EG227 / AC90G152 or G154 or G155Passed 2000 Hours
Absorption (subject to coating grade)ASTM C1186ASTM C1186< 5.0%
Specific GravityES EG227C97 / D7921.1 - 1.3g/cc
Surface Burning CharacteristicsES EG227E840 - 25 Flame Spread / 0 -15 Smoke Development
Flexural StrengthASTM C1186 / AC90D790 / C118518 - 21 MPa
Flexural ModulusES EG227D7905500-6500 MPa
Mechanical Fastener Test - Screw WithdrawlES EG227D1761 or D61171100 - 1800 N
Termite ResistanceES EG227D3345 or AWPA E-1Pass
Water Immersion (Flexural Strength)ES EG227 / ASTM C1186 / AC90D570/C1185 / D6662> 75%