SIBU Cladding

What is that product?

This is fiber reinforced concrete.

Is it marble?

No, this is a printing.

Can it replace ceramic?

Yes of course it can also replace the parquet.

What about the colors? do they last?

Yes, because we use organic and inorganic colors.

Is it solid?

Yes, it’s basically a reinforced concrete.

Is it a green product?

Yes, it’s an environment friendly product.

Is it fire rated?

Yes, it goes till 2 hours as per the Intertek certificate.

How comes it is a customizable product?

We can make any surface and we control the thickness and the texture of the surface.

Can I get any design?

Any design, we just need a high resolution picture of the desirable piece marble or ceramic sample and the what kind of finishing you need.

What is the maximum size I can get?

The maximum size is 3000mm/1250mm.

How much does the square meter cost?

Basically it depends on the thickness and the surface’s size but it starts from 120Qar depends on the quantity.

What are the suggested other options to use that kind of product?

It can be used for the floor to replace parquet, interior cladding and exterior cladding.

Fire rated doors

What kind of doors is that?

That’s a fire rated door made of fiber reinforced cement.

Can it be used for indoor and outdoor purposes?

Of course since it’s solid and has a luxurious design.

What about the rate? How many minutes can it resist fire?

Our door’s rate is 120 minutes.

Can it replace the normal wooden fire door?

Yes, it replaces also the steel fire doors because it resists more than the usual fire doors.

What about the weight of the door?

The normal door’s weight starts from 30kg, the wooden fire rated door’s weight starts from 100kg, our fire rated doors weights only 65kg.

What colors do you suggest?

We first make the door as the desirable size then we apply the skin that you want.

 Compressive Strength
Flexural Absorption
Water Absoption
(% @ 24 hrs)
Fire ResistanceAcoustics
( STC )
Efficiency 2”x6” Wall (R)
Gypsum Wall BoardGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneral60 minutesGeneralGeneralGeneral
MGO wall BoardGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneralClass AGeneralGeneralGeneral
OSB & StuccoN/AGeneralGeneral7 to 12Non-combustibleGeneral0.5(OSB) 1.8 (Stucco)General
EIFSN/AGeneralGeneralGeneral10-15 minutesGeneralN/A2 to 20
Omnis Wall SystemGeneralGeneralGeneralGeneral90-120 min based or requirement GeneralGeneralGeneral