Flexural Strength

Test Specification: >20 MPa
Standard: D790 / C1185
Test Method: ASTM / C1186 / AC90
Test Result: 22 MPa

Compressive Strength

Test Specification: 65 MPa +/- 5 MPa
Standard: D695
Test Method: ASTM C170 / ASTM C179
Test Result: 65 MPa

Bacteria/Fungi Resistance

Test Specification: No Growth
Standard: ASTM G21
Test Method: ASTM G21 / G22
Test Result: Passed

Surface Burning

Test Specification: 0 – 25 flame Spread / 0 -15 Smoke Development
Standard: E84
Test Method: EG227
Test Result: Passed

Stain Resistance

Test Specification: Passed 16 Hours
Standard: ANSIZ 1246
Test Method: ASTM C650
Test Result: Passed

Freeze/Thaw Resistance

Test Specification: No defects, R > 0.80
Standard: C1185
Test Method: ASTM C1186
Test Result: Passed

Omnis Cladding Floor and Tiles

Omnis Cladding and Tiles is an innovator of high performance fiber-reinforced concrete which can take on the properties and appearance of any Stone, Metal or Wood.
Tensile strength is 10 times greater than standard concrete.

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Omnis Doors and Fire Doors

Innovative materials technology Omnis for extruded cement compounds combines materials with experience in processing to produce a revolutionary new building material. Doors and fire doors are made of abundance, usually available, components.

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Structural Insulated Building Units

Structural insulated construction units can be assembled easily and quickly as they include all the entrances and exits tracks by a set of ready-to-connect interfaces
Surface finishes can be anything the customer requests.

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Omnis Doors and Fire Doors

Omnis’ innovative materials technology for extruded cementitious composites combines materials science with processing expertise to produce a revolutionary new building material. Omnis Doors and Fire Doors are made from abundant, commonly available, components.

Omnis’ technological advantage creates a door system with a unique and novel configuration with high quality at competitive cost, while being manufactured using limited scarce wood.

Omnis Doors and Fire Doors are environmentally, cost and performance advantageous to wood, MDF, plastic, steel and synthetic polymer.

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